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A large part of the area is covered by forests with landscape parks and nature reserves.  A modern health spa has been opened in the city of Kamień Śląski, while the development of this city also includes an airport (with hangars, services and a hotel) for low air traffic and a full-size golf course. Thrill-seekers can also enjoy an action-packed time at the Opole Aero Club, operating an airfield in Polska Nowa Wieś and small privet in Nysa. Water sports and swimming aficionados can have a great time at the water reservoir in Turawa, Nysa and Otmuchów.
Other form of active leisure include horse stables, automotive events, team sport (football, volleybal, handball, ice hokey, american footbal, marathon or canoeing.

The Province also has over 200 mansions or palaces and innumerable religious buildings. There are such architectural pearls as the Moszna Castle, ruins of the 19th Century palace in Kopice and the Silesian Piast Castle in Brzeg.

Visiting the Opole Province, remember to visit the Krasiejów Complex, which is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in this part of Poland, the Zoological Gardens and the Museum of Polish Music (and the Festival of Polish Music) in Opole.