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Economy of the Region

Structure of the economy is diversified into various sectors. The most important industries are: agri-food, metal and engineering, automotive, chemical, construction, furniture and energy. Lists of potential subcontractors are provided in the studies on high opportunity sectors.

The main centres of industry are Opole (food, metal and engineering, automotive, BPO/BSS), Kędzierzyn-Koźle (chemical, metal, plastics), Nysa (food, metal and automotive), Brzeg (food, packaging).

The largest percentage of businesses are SMEs, mostly micro enterprises.  The largest companies in the region with about 1000 employees are: Bilfinger Berger (Krapkowice), Azoty Group (Kędzierzyn-Koźle), We Wire (Strzelce Opolskie), Mondelez (Skarbimierz), Adient (Skarbimierz),  Velux (Namysłów), Diehl Controls (Namysłów), All Windows (Nysa), Neapco (Praszka), Danone Nutricia (Opole), Selt (Opole), Grupa Otmuchów (Otmuchów-Nysa).

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