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Favourable location along key lines of communication (Railway, road, Odra river) connecting Poland and Ukraine with France, Germany and the Benelux countries. Thanks to geographical proximity of the Czech Republic attractive communication with South of the Europe.

The A4 Motorway, running along the entire Region, is connected with a well-developed road network, the A1 Motorway – 20 km. The S8 and S11 Expressways are also nearby.

Excellent rail network, including the East-West main railway line, intended for inclusion into the European System of Railway Transport. Proximity of the broad-gauge LHS railway line.

Inland waterways of international importance on the Oder River.

Seagoing Container Port – DCT Gdańsk (550 km)

International Airports in Wroclaw, Katowice, Ostrava and Kraków.

Private airfields/landing strips for chartered flights in Kamień Sląski, Polska Nowa Wieś and Nysa.