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The most important factor distinguishing the Opolskie Region is good management. It is one of the most European regions of Poland. Its shape was greatly influenced by the history of the Polish-Czech-German border. For many centuries, these lands have been inhabited by people with strong ties to their traditions who share a common goal — prosperity of their little homeland. The cultural diversity of this region brings about a vast amount of experience, tolerance and openness to the world, which, in combination with industriousness and mobility, form the best possible kind of capital for any employer.


For many years, the regional and local authorities in the Opolskie Region have demonstrated their good management practices by investing in modern infrastructure. Around the A4 Motorway are located attractive investment sites and Opole is currently the most dynamically developing university city in Poland. The authorities of the region not only create increasingly favourable environment for living and leisure, but also support the actions of those who contribute to the improvement of our economic potential. The Opolskie Region is one of the most welcoming to foreign capital among other Polish regions. Foreign companies which decided to invest in our region are mostly from Germany, USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Japane, South Korea and Italy.

Capital – Opole

Population – over 942 thous. inhabitants

Administrative division:

Counties – 11

Municipalities – 71