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Technical Infrastructure

Road Transport

The Opolskie Region has one of the best road networks in Poland. The A4 Motorway is the most important transport axis of the entire region, as it forms a key element of the Berlin — Kiev pan-European transport corridor, and in the future, Brussels — Rostov-on-Don. This motorway is a crucial element of the transport system in the southern Poland, which accumulates the highest volumes of goods and passenger flow. At the same time, it ensures efficient communication, while the areas located in its immediate vicinity are extremely attractive from the point of view of potential investors. They are clustered by 6 motorway junctions.
The region has excellent accessibility to both the existing and designed sections of the A1 Motorway (Ostrava-Gdańsk) and S11 and S8 Expressways.

Rail Transport

The rail network in the Opolskie Region is twice as dense as in the other parts of Poland. The entire region is criss-crossed by railway lines of crucial importance for both domestic and international transport (Dresden — Moscow, Malmo — Chałupki). New modernisations shortened the time needed to reach Wrocław (40 minutes) and Warsaw (3 hours) from Opole. Further expansion and modernisation of railway lines is planned, which allows transporting greater volumes of passengers and goods at higher speed. In the region exist many railway sidings.

Air Transport

There are 4 international airports within 1-2 hours’ drive from the centre of Opole. In case of most investment sites, the time needed to reach an airport is less than an hour.

The closest passenger airports:

Wrocław (WRO) — 100 km from Opole, 1 h travel time, 1.7 million passengers/year, 28 destinations —

Katowice (KTW) — 100 km from Opole, 1,5 h travel time, 2.4 million passengers/year, 35 destinations —

Kraków (KRK) — 170 km from Opole, 2 h travel time, 2.9 million passengers/year, 53 destinations —

Ostrava (OSR) — 120 km from Opole, 2 h travel time, 0.3 million passengers/year, 6 destinations —

Private airfields/landing strips: Kamień Śląski [] , Opole Aero Club — Polska Nowa Wieś and Nysa airfield.

Waterway Transport

The Odra River is a natural line of communication, which runs parallel to the A4 Motorway. Soon it should become an international inland waterway. This waterway, which provides ample opportunities for the region, runs across the Opolskie Region from the port in Koźle in the south of the region to Lipki at the border with the Lower Silesia Province. The Kędzierzyn Canal and the Gliwice Canal also play an important role in water transport. The largest port is located in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. There are ongoing works intended to make the Odra River more passable and sailable.