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Dies & Engineering has opened a plant in Nysa

Another investor in Nysa. Yesterday was another historical day for our town – after many years the motorization finally returned to the FSD. And in a modern form. The company, which will produce molds for the production of car parts for manufacturers from Italy and Germany, has opened its branch in the renovated hall of the former press.

The investor over the last dozen or so months has completed a major renovation of the old press, investing several million euros in Nysa. At the beginning, the Italians will employ about 40 people. – Ultimately, Italians want to increase employment and expand their activities in our city. The investment confirms that the purchase of the former FSD area was a great move. – says the mayor of Nysa, Kordian Kolbiarz. Let us add that currently modernization works are underway in the Nysa Industrial and Technological Park. – New roads, green areas, a business centre and new production halls will soon be built there.


In the former FSD plant, apart from  Dies & Engineering, operates also KLER (furniture production) and Simpla (bicycle parts). In addition, subsequent properties are prepared for sale, production, services and trade purposes.