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Zotefoams Poland starts production in Skarbimierz.

Zotefoams launched a new plant in Skarbimierz. The company decided to invest in Poland in 2018, even before the talks in the UK about Brexit. Zotefoams produces foams for various industries: automotive, aviation, construction, insulation, marine, medical, military, product protection and sports and recreation. The investment in Poland cost PLN 115 million. At least 50 people will find work in the plant. The investment was built in the area included in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. The company bought a plot of land in Skarbimierz with an area of ​​approx. 8 ha (in the initial stage of the project it was supposed to be only 2-3 ha) for industrial development, and the current investment takes up only part of the property. We hope that this is a good omen for further investments and the development of this company in Skarbimierz.

The Opolskiee Centre for Economy Development has been involved in the investment process from the very beginning.

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