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Umicore will invest in Nysa.

Intermediate for the production of a new generation of lithium ion batteries to electric vehicles wants to produce in the Nysa Belgian Umicore Group. The investment is worth 660 million euros and at least 400 people will be employed.

– This is undoubtedly one of the largest investments in the Opole region. The first such large investor in the Radzikowice zone in Nysa, which also thanks to such an investment has the opportunity to become a new, strategic direction for the development of our region. Of course, this information is also welcome due to the large number of workplaces announced that are still needed in the south of our region. But perhaps even more encouraging fact is that it is a company operating in the field of new technologies, focusing on research and development, which can also offer highly specialized jobs – emphasizes the Marshal of the Opole region, Andrzej Buła.
The investor, who was serviced by the Investor and Exporter Assistance Centre operating within the framework of the Opole Centre for Economy Development (OCRG), subject to the self-government of the Opolskie Voivodeship, informed about the selection of Nysa as the place where its new plant will be built, in a press release published on June 1 this year on the company’s website. “In connection with the announcement at the beginning of this year about building the first production plant producing cathode materials for the European automotive market, Umicore has chosen the location in Nysa in Poland for this investment,” one can read in the information. The main reason for deciding on the location of the investment in Poland was the support provided at many levels from the ministries, the voivodeship self-government to the authorities in the Nysa Town Hall.
The Umicore group states in the announcement that the installation planned in Nysa will be based on “the most modern and proprietary production technologies developed to meet the highest standards of performance and quality in the automotive industry”. And he adds: “The first phase of this investment has been included in the EUR 660 million program announced earlier this year and is expected to start shipping by the end of 2020.”
Umicore emphasizes that Nysa is located near European customers of the company and is to provide access to qualified technical staff as well as low-emission electricity supply. 400 jobs will be created in the first phase of the investment. “Local authorities and Umicore strive to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship, thus ensuring a stable environment for Europe’s first major cathode materials factory” – noted in the company’s press release.
What decided on choosing Nysa? – This is a question to the investor, but the quality of the infrastructure offered, access to media with specific parameters, access to potential employees and the quality of cooperation with local authorities were certainly important – says Piotr Regeńczuk. – It should be emphasized that the Nysa authorities were very open to the investor and offered a lot. In addition to issues related to the preparation of infrastructure, for example, the possibility of setting up a company nursery for employees, assistance in looking for these employees or assistance in contacts with vocational schools educating staff.

Umicore is a global group operating in the material technology industry, a supplier of, among others, for the automotive and machine industry, developing the department of electromobility. The materials produced by it are used in motorization, among others, in batteries for electric cars. In 2017, the group generated a turnover of EUR 12.3 billion. Currently, it employs 9,700 people. Umicore is already operating on the Polish market – in 2014 it decided to build a catalyst factory in Nowa Ruda. This investment was worth PLN 160 million. It was opened in 2016.
As Umicore informs, its activity is focused on areas of application in which specialist knowledge in the field of material sciences, chemistry and metallurgy is essential. The company spends most of its revenues on research and development. On 1 June in communication on the new factory in Nysa, the Umicore Group also announced a decision regarding the construction of a new Centre of Process Competences at its headquarters in Olen, Belgium, where it already operates one of the largest research and development centres. The centre is to strengthen Umicore’s position in the field of innovative, energy-efficient production processes that will be used in technologically advanced installations around the world. This investment is to be launched by the end of 2019.
“Both decisions are the main milestones for Umicore and will significantly contribute to the European Union’s initiative to promote a leading battery industry based on innovative technologies and a balanced supply chain,” said cited cited in the information Marc Grynberg, Managing Director at  Umicore.
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